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CSC Hot Lunch Program

Hello St. Clare Community,

There are IMPORTANT CHANGES to this year’s Catholic School Council (CSC) Hot Lunch Program, please read to the end:

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Mondays – Ricci’s (Pizza slice with option to add chips, popcorn or nut-free cookie) Wednesdays – Ricci’s Pasta & Sandwiches (Penne w/butter, Lasagna, Veal on a Bun, Grilled Chicken Wrap or Baked Chicken Fingers

Catholic School Council Volunteers

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The Catholic School Council is looking for volunteers to help run the school’s Hot Lunch Committee.  This popular program brings many benefits to our school community.  It provides hot, healthy lunches to our students, raises funds for school programs and at the same time helps save time for our busy parents/guardians.  However, this service cannot run without the help of

Safety Awareness Week

Safety Awareness Week will take place the week of September 24th. Schools throughout York Catholic District School Board will be rehearsing a variety of emergency school procedures to prepare students and staff with the mandatory steps in the event of a fire or lock down. Please speak to your child(ren) regarding the importance of paying attention during a drill and to follow teacher directions. In ... Continue reading "Safety Awareness Week"

High School Information Night For Parents / Guardians of Grade 8 students

Our York Catholic High Schools are looking forward to welcoming Grade 8 students to their upcoming High School Information Nights taking place this Fall.

The High School Information Night provides students and their parents with a chance to tour the high school facility, learn about the various programs and options available to them, and meet current staff and students who can ... Continue reading "High School Information Night For Parents / Guardians of Grade 8 students"