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SCE Celebrates Black History Month!

The York Catholic District School Board is proud to celebrate Black History throughout the month of February and beyond.

St. Clare CES will mark Black History Month by hosting virtual special events including visits from guest speakers and performers. Students of all ages will also learn about Black history and experiences through a variety of classroom learning activities that explore the significant contributions ... Continue reading "SCE Celebrates Black History Month!"

Family Literacy Day @ SCE

Every January 27th is Family Literacy Day. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness of the importance of reading and literacy skills. Perhaps most importantly is the emphasis on developing literacy skills as a family unit. Family literacy reinforces the importance of parents and caregivers learning alongside their children to build knowledge necessary for future skills. The theme for the 2021 Family Literacy ... Continue reading "Family Literacy Day @ SCE"

January Newsletter!

The January Newsletter has been posted! Please take the time to read through it as it contains important information highlighting some important events. To view the January Newsletter, click on the link below or under the “Our School” tab, click on “News” and then click on “Newsletters”.

January Newsletter 2021

Remote Learning Reminders

In support of this commitment, and to ensure the safety and privacy of students and staff, we are highlighting expectations and code of conduct for remote learners and parents of remote learners.

The following are expectations for our remote students: – The remote learning platform is a classroom; – Students attending remotely are expected to show the same classroom preparedness and willingness to ... Continue reading "Remote Learning Reminders"