Staying Safe @ School: New Covid-19 Practices

The health, safety and well-being of all students, staff and the entire SCE community has always been and remains our first priority. Information regarding new Covid-19 practices were shared with all YCDSB parents and guardians prior to schools reopening for face-to-face learning on February 16th. These changes were made by a joint effort of the Ministry of Education and York Region Public Health. It is extremely important to be aware of and comply with these new practices as we continue to deal with the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Please refer to the attached documents as they succinctly explain changes in Covid-19 practices for schools. Every student, staff member and visitor to the school is required to complete the updated 2021 YRPH School Screening Tool. An updated Staying Safe @ School infographic depicts the changes to Covid-19 practices in an easy to read format. These two documents will be referred to and will continue to guide our practices at the school when your child is not feeling well.