CSC Hot Lunch Program Term 3

Hello St. Clare Community,

The Catholic School Council (CSC) Hot Lunch Program is now accepting orders for TERM 3, which will begin the week of April 3, 2018.  The meal options are as follows:

Mondays – Pizza Nova (Pizza slice with option to add chips, popcorn or nut-free cookie)
Tuesdays – Villa Panini (Penne w/butter, Penne w/meatballs, Meat Lasagna or Breaded Veal/Breaded Chicken on a bun)
Wednesdays – Harvey’s/Swiss Chalet (Variety of Chicken meals or Burgers including side; one of soup/salad/corn)
Fridays – Astoria Shish Kebob House (Chicken Fingers or Souvlaki w/rice & veggies, Spinach Pie w/Greek Salad or Burger)

The online order form can be found at the following link:
If you wish to begin lunch delivery on any given week, the online order must be submitted the WEDNESDAY prior and payment returned to the school by Friday morning.  

Thursday pizza day is separate and run by student council
-last day of hot lunch is Friday, June 22 (NO HOT LUNCH LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL)
Wed. May 2nd planned all day field trip for Gr. 7 and 8
Wed. June 20 – Fri. June 22 planned Grade 8 grad trip

Please refer to the attached “Frequently Asked Questions” document for further information.  Thank-you and if you have any further questions you can email us at:

CSC Hot Lunch Committee


1) Which days is hot lunch offered?

Mondays – Pizza Nova (Pizza slice with option to add chips, popcorn or nut-free cookie)

Tuesdays – Villa Panini (Penne w/butter or meatballs, Lasagna or Breaded Veal/Breaded Chicken)

Wednesdays – Harvey’s/Swiss Chalet (Variety of Chicken meals or Burgers with side options)

Fridays – Astoria Kebob House (Chicken Fingers or Chicken Souvlaki w/rice & veggies, Chicken

Souvlaki Pita w/hummus or Jumbo Hamburger)

2) My child has never had hot lunch before, how do I know if he/she will like it?

We recommend that you initially order one or two weeks of lunches for your child to try. If they like their meals and wish to continue, then simply submit a new order for additional weeks. This is much easier for our volunteer committee and vendors than having to issue refunds for cancelled meals.

3) Can I submit an order after the initial deadline?

Yes, you can submit an order at any time BUT if you wish your order to include any given week, submit online order by Wednesday prior (send confirmation & payment no later than Friday). If a date has “CLOSED” beside it, you can no longer order for that date as numbers have already been sent to our vendors.

4) What is the difference between submitting an order online and confirming an order?

Submitting an order online is when you fill out the online form with your personal information and hot lunch selections. To complete your order you must return a printout of the PDF confirmation sent to you along with your payment. We will not order lunches without payment.

5) I submitted an order online but did not receive a confirmation email with PDF attachment?

In all past cases this was a result of an invalid email address entry. Please be careful when entering your email address as the form automatically uses this field to send your confirmation. If you do not receive a confirmation within 24 hrs contact us at and we will resend it to you.

6) Why can’t we make our payment online?

At the current time the school is not setup to accept online payments. This has to be setup through the board for proper security measures. Our administration is investigating with the board whether we can implement online payments in the future.

7) I have multiple children; do I need to fill out an online order for each of them?

YES, each child needs their own individual order. However, you can combine payment for multiple children in one cheque. Simply, put all paper confirmations for all orders with your cheque in one envelope and return to school to any one of your children’s’ teachers or the front office.

8) How do I order an extra slice of pizza for my child?

Submit two individual “NEW” orders for the same child. For example, to order a child two slices of pizza with one cookie you would submit the first order for “1 Pizza Slice & cookie” on selected dates, then submit a second order for “1 Pizza Slice ONLY” for the same dates.

9) I submitted an order online but noticed a mistake before sending the paper confirmation & payment to the school, what do I do?

Simply re-enter a “NEW” order with corrections. We will only process the order that matches paper confirmations that come back to the school. We will discard previous entries.

10) How do I change an order that has been submitted, confirmed and paid for?

Submit an online form and indicate a “CHANGE” when asked if order is “New or Change”. Only indicate changes for required dates. If you want to add or change a meal, select which meal for affected dates. If you want to delete a meal, select “No Meal” for selected dates. If the changes result in additional cost, send in a cheque for the difference from the original order. If a refund is due, indicate as such on your paper confirmation.

11) What is the benefit of the online form?

When an order is entered online, the form automatically enters the information into a spreadsheet, which drastically reduces processing times and ordering errors (which were tabulated manually in the past). Also, parents/guardians automatically get an electronic copy of their order as a reminder of when their children have an ordered lunch. Lastly, overall paper usage has been reduced by approx. 50%.

12) Can my child make a same day “walk-in” hot lunch purchase?

We only order a few extras each week which may be available to purchase on a first come first serve

basis with cash payment. Therefore we highly recommend you pre-order your meals. Children without lunches and money will be first directed to the front office for assistance.

13) Have a question not answered above?

Send an email to our hot lunch address at with any other inquiries.

Rev. Dec. 2017